Word on the street…

..is you have a few questions. Well guess its your lucky day. I’ve got some answers.

At almost every wedding, I’ve had people ask me how to apply eye liner, why I want them to have clean hair instead of dirty, and why does it need to be dry?  Also what to do with oily hair.

Lets address the hair first.

The reason why I prefer clean and DRY hair is because if you have dirty hair, it can sometimes end up too oily, and dirty looking after we use all the products needed to help your hairstyle last the night. Also- there’s also different definitions to oily hair for different people. SO clean hair just works best.
Dry hair is VERY important in getting your hairstyle to last. Any moisture can cause your hair to fall and/or frizz up with any humidity. Not to mention it takes a lot of time to blow-dry hair. Time that needs to be spent on making that beautiful bride feel beautiful!

Oily hair-

First of all, I am not a dermatologist.  I can’t tell you why you have an oily scalp. Other than the fact that your’re just producing more sebum than “average”.  Most of the time its just in our genetics.  I do have a few tips that may help though.
Tip #1. STOP WASHING YOUR HAIR EVER DAY! Seriously.  Your scalp produces oils for a reason.  It’s good to have oils to lubricate your hair, and other stuff. (remember me telling you I wasn’t a dermatologist? “other stuff is as official as my lingo gets)  What do you put on your frizzy hair?  Most likely some sort of smoothing serum that is what?  Oily!
When you wash your hair every day you’re washing away those important oils, causing your scalp to go into overdrive and start producing more oils. If you would try to wash your hair every other day and if you can stand it every 3 days, you’ll see after about two or so weeks of an “adjustment” period that your hair is feeling less and less oily. If it doesn’t work, then its definitely something you should talk to your Dr. about.  He/she may ask you about your diet, and… “other stuff”.

Tip #2: Try looking for shampoos that are Sulfate free.  Sulfates are used to suds up your shampoo but leave your hair damaged and weighted down.   There have also been studies that show Sulfate can aid in hair-loss.

Tip #3:   I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again.  Don’t use conditioner on your scalp!  Conditioner is meant to coat the hair shaft leaving it looking smoother.  This also means its weighs it down a little and can make your hair look oily much faster.

Tip #4:  This one is for all of my hippie friends out there – Holla!  I’ve heard from a lot of people who have tried this Apple Cider Vinegar recipe that after the “adjustment” phase, their hair has never been healthier, shinier, and less oily!  So if your up for a little granola in your life.  Give it a go!

Now onto something near and dear to my heart.  Eye liner.  Let us all try to remember the old saying. A little goes a long way!

A lot of people want their eyes to “pop”.  Most of us, want our eyes to be the first thing people see.  But let me reiterate, our EYES not our liner!  there have been so many occasions where I’ve seen people, gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful people with WAAY to much eye liner on.  What is the first thing you notice about the girl on the left?  Is it her beautiful green eyes?  Or is it her eye liner?

A lot of people can pull of thick eye liner, like Kim Kardashian.  She pulls it off well, but most of the credit has to go to all the lighting she has, that keeps her face bright.  Smokey can easily look dark and raccoon-ey fast!  Eyeliner should be soft, and the only part that should be thick (if your going for a thicker look) is on the outer corners.  Its best if your eye liner decreases in thickness.  Thickest being on the outer corners and gradually fading out as you go towards the inner.

When too much liner is focused on the center of the eye, or if the line is the same width all the way through- you tend to end up looking like this….

or this..

Just kidding.. sorta

Or this-

Here are some really well done eye liner pictures.  Notice how on most of them the liner doesn’t even go all the way to the inner corners.  Its fresh, and lovely, and great for every day.  Not to say that you can’t line your whole eye.  By all means, rock it out.  Just go easy on it!

As you can see from these pretty eyes,  You don’t need a ton of liner to make eyes “pop”.

Liner should be applied either directly on the waterline (keep in mind this will make the eyes look smaller, so if you already have smaller eyes you may want to avoid this area), or directly on the waterline Ledge.  Applying your eye liner too low can make for that droopy look we we talked about before.  My best tip is to just experiment.  Google some images, and find an eye shape that looks similar to yours and see which style looks best.


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  1. What an awesome article Angela. I love it. Thanks for the tips.

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