Would ya lookie there…

Another post?  In the same month?  Insane isn’t it?  Well I put out a subtle bat-call the other day asking my past brides to send me some pictures of their wedding day.  Well.  That didn’t work.  (I’m totally giving you the side eye right now) So I did what any reasonably desperate girl would do.  I begged.  Kinda. I’m not much of a beggar.  And I don’t like asking for things.  Which may be why I only have 51 “likes” on Facebook.  Which is fine.  I’m sure you guys are just trying to keep me humble.  And don’t want me getting all popular and selling out to the “Man”.  I totally get it.  And I appreciate you having my back on this one.

But that’s not why I’m here.  I’m here because one of the brides that I begged.  Okay so the only bride I asked (hey, I’m lazy.  Don’t act like you didn’t know this) responded within minutes with her fabulous pictures.  And you know why?  Because she’s freakin’ fabulous.   I really do dig this chick.  She’s funny, sarcastic, sweet, and gorgeous.   Killer combo if you ask me.  Her bridesmaids were all really awesome as well.  Deadly combo!

Jessica got married at Texas Old Town.  Which is a really cute place out in Kyle.  Her wedding day happened to be on the very same day that we actually got rain.  After a seriously hazardous drought.  It rains on lovely Jessica’s wedding day.  And, she didn’t care.  Which is why I think the Big Guy upstairs smiled on her and stopped the rain during her outdoor ceremony.  And you know what they say- “A wet knot is hard to untie”.

For the love of all things blingy!  There is nothing about her look that I don’t just love!

Jessica- you were amazing.  You were gorgeous before I even got a hold of you, and I’m greatful I was able to be a part of your big day.  May your knot forever be wet!

Photos Courtesy of: AJH Photography

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  1. Jessica is my son’s beautiful wife. She is all
    You said and more! Our LucieMarie experience was fabulous! We all had beautiful hair.

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